important note: we will be joining the louisville march for science this year (2018) in louisville, ky.

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Science, Not Silence

On April 22,2017, scientists and allies nationwide took to the streets to celebrate and defend science in the midst of an increasingly hostile political climate. Scientists are facing enormous cuts to the federal and state agencies that support life-saving scientific research, a political sphere that seems more and more indifferent to evidence, and threats to the ability of scientists to openly share the results of their research with each other and the public. Scientists and allies from all over Kentucky marched on Courthouse Plaza to raise our voices in support of the essential role that science plays in a democratic society.

In 2018, the theme is "moving beyond the march." How do we turn our energy into tangible action? Details to be released in mid-March! 


Diversity and Inclusion

The organizers of the Lexington March for Science are thrilled to see our national partners taking a clear stance on matters of inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility. We stand with the national organizers in recognizing that science is non-partisan, but always political; that the STEM fields continue to exclude those from underrepresented and marginalized groups; that those same fields have been too reluctant to acknowledge that these exclusions are often built into our institutions; that science has often harmed vulnerable and marginalized communities; and that scientists are too often silent in the face of injustice.

In Lexington, we are in solidarity with the National March for Science in their efforts to build a more inclusive and intersectional march: one that recognizes that if we do not acknowledge those excluded, harmed, and ignored by the institutions and practices of science, our march can only protect those exclusions, harms, and silences. We look forward to marching for science with you in April: not just for what science has been, or what it is, but for science as it could (and should) be.


The success of this march will be the result of our collective efforts! We need volunteers for the day of the march: to help set up, direct the march route, and clean up afterwards.

2017 Sponsors

Bluegrass Society of Neuroscience

Humanist Forum of Central Kentucky

Kentuckians for Science Education

Kentucky Academy of Science

Kentucky Paleontological Society

Our Revolution - Central Kentucky

Political Ecology Working Group - University of Kentucky

Together We Will - Bluegrass

...and many individual supporters. Thank you!


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